Powerhouse Express: The Electrical Giant of Pakistan

Powerhouse Express: The Electrical Giant of Pakistan

It all started with a vision. A vision to see beyond the future, a vision to envelope technology and innovation in a single fold, a vision to conceptualize electricals as the bane of life and luxury. This wasn’t your usual business venture where two people come together, develop a business and eventually make profits. This was a commitment to the community to serve the best from the beginning till forever.  

Powerhouse is not just a hyphenated terminology or some power-roaring engine rather it is an ideology that drives its vigor from the tireless efforts of hundreds of people who channel their energies in hopes of realizing a power-struck reality that promises ease and accessibility side by side. Powerhouse, with its immaculate capacity to wow its consumers with sleekness, style, and simplicity, hosts a plethora of note-worthy brands under its purview. These brands in unison have vowed to provide state-of-the-art facilitation to top-notch clientele catering to all of their electrical equipment needs. Clipsalbeing the premium product line offering electrical equipment, data communications, home and industrial automation accessibilities, was established over a century ago and is one of the first electrical accessories brands introduced to sweep the Pakistani market by a storm.

An ultimate play of lights, Coarts Lighting garners a vast variety of electrical lights, fully mission capable, mission of spreading brightness with brilliance. These lights range from aerodynamic water resistant LED lights to high resolution High Bays and Panel illuminators extending towards environment friendly and energy efficient slim lights, RGBs, downlights and mounted lights. Coarts looks after this category with great care and precision.

Taking lights further down the brand stream, another one of Powerhouse’s best-selling brands is none other than PIERLITE; a French manufacturer of lights and illuminators that has been serving a fairly large business community with contemporary and professional lighting solutions for nearly two decades now. From the energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp, to the technically demanding HID Metal Halide, including the diverse range of Fluorescent and LED systems, Pierlite complements this ever expanding range of light sources of luminaires created for the domestic, industrial, commercial and architectural market sectors.

Moving towards the realm of gadgets and gizmos, we have Riva; a champion of electrical gears setting its mark in the market with a wide range of cult products including Riva Gorilla Tripod's, wireless earphones, illuminated lamps, ring lights, lamp speakers and much more. Riva envisions to become the soul of the electrical gears market and aims to expand its product line to cater to an even bigger range of accessories. 

Making our way towards a world of innovation amplified by technology and artificial intelligence; a future brimming with immaculate possibilities; Bluedot gives you the ultimate and unparalleled experience of home automation. Imagine turning your lights on with just a touch or voice, getting your way with your curtains through your phone, almost everything following every command without you moving so much as a muscle, that’s what Bluedot does for you. It gives you the ultimate control, the power to pilot your life and your room of course. All you can do with just a touch and your Siri. Bluedot embraces an elaborate assortment of smart LEDs, plugs & switches, door-locks, and device controllers-the smart companion for you.

And eventually, bringing this ultra-smart family to your homes is what we call the Powerhouse Express, Pakistan’s biggest and most magnificent e-commerce giant that hosts solutions to all your electrical wants under its roof. Powerhouse express, with its infinite ardor to harvest fruitful relationships with its customers, is consistent and driven to serve the community for centuries to come.