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2 Pin Universal Socket- Popup Box



2 Pin Universal Socket 10A can be placed in the Pop up sockets that are extremely convenient as they can be placed anywhere on the floor, desks, or tables. These sockets come with a safety ‘push and lock’ slide system which prevent it from being opened accidentally, making it perfect for any setting.

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  • 2 Pin Universal Socket 10A is easy to place in Pop up box. It consumes one module space in pop-up box.
  • Perfect design for integration into floor or office furniture
  • Soft opening for enhanced comfort and safety
  • Equipped with ”push and slide” locking system to avoid accidental opening by feet
  • Supplied with installation kits for raised access floors or table
  • Can be installed in concrete or raised access floors or integrated directly into
  • The furniture (desks, meeting room tables, etc.)
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Pop up socket




2 Pin Universal Socket

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