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Black Mounted Speaker Stand

SKU: AE39 - Speaker Stands - (Black)

Being Q Acoustics loudspeakers, they don’t just deliver fantastic home theater sound. Every new 3000 Series model is also an outstanding, genuine hi-fi loudspeaker. So the 3000 home theatre pack is also your best choice if you want to enjoy wonderful stereo musical performances.

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Brand: Acoustic Energy

Color: Black
Type: Speaker Stand

No. of pieces: 1

Suitable for: 3090C center speaker and 3070S subwoofer

Package Includes: 1 x speaker stand

Use: Used to place speakers on for ensuring an upbeat and lively sound


Speaker stands are often found to be too heavy to carry or not efficient enough to allow high sound frequencies. The Black Mounted Speaker Stand however offers a complete speaker package for you to enjoy cinema-like sound at the comfort of your own. While being lightweight and easy to carry, the high-performance speaker stand also gives maximum life to speakers by allowing them to deliver high-frequency sound. Order the slim and sleek Black Mounted Speaker Stand to install in your wall or floor for simple speaker placement.

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