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CP4 High Performance Control System


The CP4 High Performance Control System is specifically designed to control the audio, lighting, video, sensors, door looks, all on one single system. You can now install this high-tech processing system into the professional environment of your home, office, or even government facility. An easy-to-use device that can be connected to the smartphone apps, allows you to manage various controls in your indoor space without the hassle of going to each separate switch. Order the CP4 High Performance Control System for a seamless home living experience.

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100% Original


High Performance

Modern Design


Weight: 3.12 lb. (1.42 kg)

Other Benefits: Supports up to 10 simultaneously running programs

Brand: Crestron

Item Type: Home Automation

Wattage: 15 W

Color: Black

Memory (SDRAM): 2 GB

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