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Curtain Smart Home WI-FI Switch



Get your curtains handled easily with the very new Curtain Smart Home WI-FI Switch that can be effortlessly connected with your smartphone through a Smart Life app or voice control with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can open and close your curtains according to your own desire and time of the day without even moving an inch. Designed with a highly sensitive touch glass panel, saves time and reduce hassle of using the smart fixture. Order the advanced Curtain Smart Home WI-FI Switch now for easy curtain operation in your home, office, hotel, and even hospital.

In stock


100% Original

Intelligent Timing


Scheduling, Voice Control, Shared Control for Family members and Timer Setting


Brand: Bluedot Tech

Color: White

Item Type: Smart Wi-Fi Switches

No. of pieces: 1

Dimension:  86*86*34.5MM

Voltage: 110-240V AC/50~60Hz

Output: 600W/Gang




Weight 0.225 kg

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