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150W Enveloping Sound Central Channel Speaker

SKU: Excite X24C (white satin)

Excite combines high-end sound quality with an elegant, slim line design. All the speakers in the range can be driven effortlessly by almost any amplifier thanks to its flexible design and efficient driver technology

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Brand: Dynaudio

Color: White Satin
Type: Central Channel Speaker

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 150W

Package Includes: 1 x speaker

Use: Combines with your home theatre set-up for amplifying your music-watching experience


Get your home-theatre system a notch by complementing it with the easy-to-install 150W Enveloping Sound Central Channel Speaker, that manages to deliver high sound performance to your overall sound system. Designed with highly seamless, enveloping sound and simplified integration makes these central channel speakers an ideal addition to your loudspeakers collection. Crafted with an integrated bass/foot simplifies upward angling for improved sound directivity. The foot can also be removed for ideally fixing the speaker into the wall through a mounting bracket, to take up less space. Order the 150W Enveloping Sound Central Channel Speaker now for implementing an ideal solution for your home sound systems.

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