• Dynaudio

250W Floor Standing Loud Speaker

SKU: Excite X44( Walnut)

Excite combines high-end sound quality with an elegant, slim line design. All the speakers in the range can be driven effortlessly by almost any amplifier thanks to its flexible design and efficient driver technology

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100% Original

Large Size

Premium Bass Performance

High Sound Clarity


Brand: Dynaudio

Color: Walnut
Type: Floor Standing Speaker

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 250W

Package Includes: 1 x speaker

Use: Combines with your home theatre set-up for amplifying your music-watching experience


If you are looking for loudspeakers that can be heard miles away, the 250W Floor Standing Loud Speaker is just the perfect match for your home desires! Designed with high-end midrange drivers, allows these loudspeakers deliver sound with greater clarity across large-sized rooms and huge distances. Equipped with accurate and detailed crossover tuning, creates an absolute synchronization with the bass and treble-focused speakers as well. Order the 250W Floor Standing Loud Speaker now for listening to high-quality sound even from the furthest of distances in your home.

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