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High Range Sensor (Outdoor)



These Infrascan Motion sensors are designed to detect movement of a thermal body and activate lighting for a predetermined time interval in response. These sensors are ideally suited for driveways, perimeter lighting, store rooms and stairwells. The sensors are designed for ceiling or wall mounting and feature a detection range of 18m radius and field of view of 110˚. The Infrascan is a highly reliable motion detector, designed for outdoor applications. The unit features an IP rating, IP66 and is designed to operate in direct weather.

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Product Features

• Simple-to-install and commission.

• Manufactured from UV stabilized plastic.

• IP66 rated, can be installed in direct weather.

• Features multi zone Fresnel lens for superior detection capability.

• Fully adjustable light threshold, range and time delay.

• Retrigger time delay each time movement is detected.

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