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KNX 360 Degrees Motion Sensor


SKU: MTN630919

The KNX ARGUS Presence with light control and IR receiver is a KNX presence detector for interior ceiling mounting. It detects smaller movements within a circumference of 360° and a radius of 7 m (at a mounting height of 2.5 m)

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When movement is detected, a data telegram defined by the programming is transmitted and then evaluated to control the lighting, blinds, or heating.

For example, the ARGUS presence function continuously adjusts for brightness in the room. If sufficient natural light is available, the device will switch the artificial light off even if a person is present.

The overshoot time can be adjusted using the ETS. The integrated light sensor continually measures the brightness level and processes this information in the application.

In addition, it is possible to measure the brightness with an external light sensor and have it evaluated.

Light control enables the required brightness set in the ETS to be achieved permanently. Dimming and the optional use of a second lighting group maintains a constant brightness.

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