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KNX Multi Touch Pro


SKU: MTN6215-5910

KNX Multi Touch Pro Clipsal by Schneider Electric Comfortable room controller controls up to 32 room functions. All functions are displayed on a touch screen. The user chooses from 3 interface designs that can be freely assigned to the room functions.

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• Thermostat with analog input for floor sensor

• Lighting, temperature, shutter and scene control via the touch-sensitive display

• Rotary display mode: one function per window – up to eight main functions

• Vertical display mode: two functions per window – up to 16 main functions

• Scene control: up to four scenes per window – up to 32 scenes

• Lock/ unlock: protect the system from unwanted access using a four-digit code

• Proximity sensor: display illumination is automatically activated when a user approaches

• Gesture function: controls one previously defined function through the use of a specific gesture

• Customizable screensaver

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