300W Active Subwoofer

SKU: KUBE12b - (Subwoofer)

Active Subwoofer

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100% Original

Elegant Design

Deep Bass Performance

Powerful Sound


Brand: KEF

Color: Black
Type: Subwoofer

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 300W

Package Includes: 1 x speaker

Use: Can be connected to Bluetooth, Auxiliary, and USB for high-quality sound


If you are looking for a simplistically designed speaker with explosive sound power, then the 300W Active Subwoofer is the right option for you. Uniquely designed with iBX technology, allows this subwoofer to deliver immersive music and high-quality theatrical sound for the optimum level of enjoyment at home. Specially crafted with flexible features, makes it easy for you to place the high-class speaker anywhere in your home and easily connect it to your main speaker or music system for experiencing new depths of sound performance. Order the 300W Active Subwoofer today for enjoying music and movies in a new style.

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