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80W Built-in Subwoofer Wireless Soundbar

SKU: Q M3 HDMI Soundbar ? (QA7440)

Soundbar with Bluetooth and built-in Subwoofer

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100% Original

Slim Design

Outstanding Sound Performance

Bluetooth Compatibility


Brand:  Q Acoustics

Color: Black
Type: Soundbar

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 80W

Package Includes: 1x soundbar

Use: Delivers genuine sound with no effects


“A small masterpiece, with big sound experience” is what best describes the 80W Built-in Subwoofer Wireless Soundbar, which is ideally designed to deliver exquisite TV and movie sound. Designed carefully with powerful dispersion BMR drivers, allows this streamlined soundbar provides room-filling sound with high clarity. Intelligent connectivity backed by a built-in Bluetooth system is just what you need to enjoy effortless streaming of your favorite music. Order the 80W Built-in Subwoofer Wireless Soundbar now for a seamless sound setup in your home.

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