5V Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: Muo-5V

Your music follows you everywhere you go with the exquisitely detailed sound quality of KEF. Crafted from premium materials for sophisticated looks and a precise sound, they offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and style.

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100% Original


High-Resolution Audio

Bluetooth Compatibility


Brand:  KEF

Color: Gold, Silver
Type: Portable Speaker

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 5V

Package Includes: 1x soundbar

Use: Delivers sensational sound everywhere you go


Enjoy your favorite playlist, while you are on the go with the 5V Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that is designed to be easy to carry with high-class sound technology. Designed with acoustic technologies, this hi-fi portable speaker manages to deliver powerful yet original sound performance, with different modes including, solo, stereo paired, or dual connect party mode. Order the 5V Wireless Bluetooth Speaker now for carrying sensational music moments with you.

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