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100W Q 3050i Floor Standing Speakers

SKU: Q3050i

HiFi Floor Standing Speakers

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100% Original

Seamless Sound System

High Connectivity

Quick & Easy Accessibility



Brand: Q Acoustics

Color: White, Black 
Type: Floor Standing Speaker

No. of pieces: Pair

Power: 100W

Package: 1 Pair

Use: Makes movie and musical experience more attractive with hi-fi sound



A unique use of technologies and exceptional performance is what describes the 100W Q 3050i Floor Standing Speakers best. Smartly designed with high-frequency drivers, allow these latest speakers to deliver high-class sound quality with a wider audio dispersion so that every corner of your room can be filled with clear and refined sound. These aesthetically designed hi-fi speakers are just what you need to for an attractive movie or musical experience, right within your home. Order the 100W Q 3050i Floor Standing Speakers now for letting your ears witness a pleasantly refined sound experience.

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