100W Q150 Bookshelf Speaker


SKU: Q150

HiFi Bookshelf Speakers




100% Original

Seamless Sound System

High Connectivity

Quick & Easy Accessibility



Brand: KEF

Color: Walnut, White, Black 
Type: Bookshelf Speaker

No. of pieces: Pair

Power: 100W

Package: 1 Pair

Use: Gives life to acoustic sound, along with high accessibility and connectivity



When we say great things come in small packages, we are talking about the 100W Q150 Bookshelf Speakers that prove to be the best friend of your stereo music system and even your home theater system. Designed thoughtfully with a slim and sleek structure, allows you to place these speakers ideally on any room shelf, without taking up much space. Designed professionally with the latest innovative technology, allows these compactly-crafted speakers bring back acoustic sound to life. Order the 100W Q150 Bookshelf Speakers now for sound detailing and refinement to the next level.

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