120W Q350 Bookshelf Speakers

SKU: Q350

HiFi Bookshelf Speakers

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100% Original

Seamless Sound System

High Connectivity

Quick & Easy Accessibility



Brand: KEF

Color: Walnut, White, Black 
Type: Bookshelf Speaker

No. of pieces: Pair

Power: 120W

Package: 1 Pair

Use: Delivers high-resolution audio files in every corner of your home without taking up much space



Musical entertainment isn’t just confined to a concert night when you can instead bring a premium musical experience home with the newly-designed 120W Q350 Bookshelf Speakers.  Crafted with a clever port design, allow these compactly built speakers deliver a vast array of high-quality sound. Inbuilt with high audio clarity and a tightly-packed bass, allow these bookshelf speakers to produce limitless musical enjoyment within your home. Order the 120W  Q350 Bookshelf Speakers today for experiencing a detailed sound home lifestyle all day long.

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