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Smart WI-FI Voice Control Flat Base Bulb


The Smart WI-FI Voice Control Flat Base Bulb is much more than a usual single-light bulb. This highly-advanced lighting solution grants you a better home control by allowing you to alter the lighting color, adjust the illumination level, and also share control settings with your friends and family members. The plus point is that all of this can be done with just a click or voice control option, using your smart phone! Order the Smart WI-FI Voice Control Flat Bottom Bulb now and control room lighting with super powerful, yet easy features.

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100% Original

Light Adjustable

Voice Control

Smart Features


Brand: Bluedot Tech

Color: White

Type: Smart Bulb

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 10W

Product Weight (kg): 0.13

Beam Angle: 200

Color tolerance: <6

Rated life (h): 20,000

Compatibility: Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home, IFTTT and Smart Life App

Weight 0.13 kg

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