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Smart WI-FI Light Dimmer Module



Get the ideal opportunity of replacing your traditional light dimmer with a much more advanced living solution by getting the very new Smart WI-FI Light Dimmer Module installed behind your home’s switch board panel. This advanced piece of technology allows you to control the brightness of your home’s lights with just a single click or voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home on your smart phone. You can now give your phone the ultimate power to switch lights On/Off automatically instead of physically walking to the light switch every now and then. Order the Smart WI-FI Light Dimmer Module now for effortlessly controlling a variety of lights at home.

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100% Original


Wireless Control

Smart Use


Brand: Bluedot Tech

Color: White

Type: Smart Switch Module

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 100W/ Channel x2

Dimming Type: TRIAC

Compatibility: Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Weight 0.05 kg

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