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Intelligent Electronic Smart Lock for Door


SKU: F1-D1 Dook Lock

The Intelligent Electronic smart lock for door makes your life much more easy and secure by providing the ultimate door lock solution that always makes sure you can sleep in your home, or leave your home safely locked. The new form of home technology is perfect for the ones who especially want to get rid of the hassle of using keys frequently. You can now use five different easy-to-use options to lock your main home door with the use of fingerprint unlock, password unlock, card unlock, key unlock, or app controlled unlock. Order the Intelligent Electronic Smart smart lock for door for choosing the best customizable way for home locking.

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Why our smart lock for door best?

Our Smart Lock for Door 100% Original

High Security




Brand: Bluedot Tech

Color: Black

Type: Smart Door Lock

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 6 Volts, AA Battery operated

Unlock time: <= 1 Second

Working Temp: -25°C – 60°C

5 options: Fingerprint unlock, password unlock, card unlock, key unlock, and App controlled unlock



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