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Smart WI-FI Relay Switch Module



If you are looking for an easy way to replace your traditional controls with a much more modern and effortless solution for home management, the very new Smart WI-FI Relay Switch Module is the perfect investment you should make. This latest art of technology, gives you the autonomy to the operation of your water motor, switches, sockets, and bulbs just a single click or voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home on your smart phone. You can now even switch various sockets On/Off automatically with your phone, instead of physically walking to them every now and then. Order the Smart WI-FI Relay Switch Module for discovering a trouble-free way of managing home living.

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Wireless Control

Smart Use


Brand: Bluedot Tech

Color: White

Type: Smart Switch Module

No. of pieces: 1

Power: 2000W

Support: 1/2/3 Gang by setting the DIP switch, Wi-Fi network configuration by Switch 1,

Load Max trenbolone steroid profile to 100-240V/10A, OTA upgrade, sharing device with family

Compatibility: Amazon Alexa or Google Home




Weight 0.095 kg

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