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Riva Tripod Stand for Mobile


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3.5 ft. tall tripod stand for Mobile Phones and Cameras offers adjustable height and rotation making it super easy to use. Ideal for Mobile phones, DSLR for Live Stream, Tiktok and Vlogging.

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Tripod Stand by RIVA our tripod stand for mobile is the ideal product for photography and videography. It is portable and offers adjustable height options. You can attach your mobile phone/DSLR holder and take shoots with 03 color dimmable high shades.

3.5ft Tripod Ring Light Stand:

This 3.5ft 4-section tripod stand for mobile is designed to use Telescopic trigger as Professional Photography equipment, made of high quality aluminum alloy. It only takes 15 seconds to install and adjust. Super easy! Height is another key to decide, so this tripod made for a more useful range of height from 1ft – 3.5ft which allows you to use it according to your requirements.

Multiple Shooting Angles and High Compatibility:

Thanks to its rotatable tripod head and adjustable phone holder, it can adjust multiple shooting angles in only few seconds, including Landscape and Portrait Mode, Low Angle and High Angle Shot, which allows you to discover your potential and shoot like never before. It also provides high compatibility for all cell phones, cameras, iPad, webcam and Gopro.


Adjustable Height Desk/Floor Tripod Stand:

Tripod stand adopts quick flip locks and weighted tripod base for increased stability so it won’t tip over. It can convert from 1.5ft tabletop stand to 3.5ft that is tall enough to stand on the ground. Our tripod stand for mobile is perfect for taking selfies, making TikTok videos, Live Streaming, filming, taking photos, Vlogging, studio, video conferencing, YouTube, Zoom, blogger and reading books.

360° Tripod Stand Rotation:

This tripod stand for mobile is equipped with 360°rotary 3-way ball head tilt so, you can freely adjust it any direction. The convenient swivel handle and built-in bubble level allows you to span smoothly to capture wonderful landscape.

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