V720W Digital TV Soundbar System

SKU: V-700/ V-20W

The V720W is a digital TV soundbar system that includes the V700 and a wireless V-20W subwoofer.

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Styled to match your TV, KEF’s ultra-slim V720W digital TV soundbar system allows you to enjoy high fidelity sound without the hassle of adding a new AV receiver and yet another remote control. With simple HDMI connection, no messy cabling and unique, industry-leading acoustic technology, it’s the easiest and most elegant way to upgrade your TV’s audio… in a big way!


Just 53mm (2.1 in.) in depth – the elegantly minimalist V700 soundbar is styled to blend unobtrusively with your screen. Even the subwoofer included in this system is styled to be easily placed in any interior.

Whether your screen is on the wall or standing on a console, the V700 is easy to place either above or below the screen, either mounted on the wall, or on the same flat surface as your TV using the discreet adjustable stand provided.

There’s also switchable EQ modes at the back of the V700 soundbar allowing you to optimise the bass response for the placement you choose, whether it’s on a stand or mounted against the wall.

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