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Best Smart Home Solutions in Pakistan

Bluedot with its cutting-edge portfolio encompasses the world’s finest smart home solutions, delicately designed to streamline all your home automation technologies through a single interface. In an age where people still have to utilize several devices to manage different functions, Bluedot does it for you with a single touch. Delivering quality with effective and energy-efficient outputs, our Smart home solutions are crafted with absolute care and precision; keeping your house safe and secure; and bestowing the control in your hands.

Prompted by a software-based UI, Creston is yet another smart homes solutions crusader having a well-endowed collection of smart solutions for home automation, elegantly put together to elevate the stature of your homes and offices. The smart integrated lighting and performance control systems are exceptionally fashioned to execute cross-system interoperability and fail-safe motion of systems.

Both Bluedot and Creston are designed, exclusively, to blend in with one another and to appendage with other peripheral technologies. Creston is fully compatible with Siri, Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google App. These two brands have also been named Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for IoT technologies’21.

Bluedot offers smart home solutions that give you control over your hi-tech home appliances and everything electrical promising; convenience, security, and sustainability. It’s all a matter of touch and a voice command, now.  The Bluedot App is specifically developed to integrate smart home solutions and streamline all your technologies through a single interface, making your life simple and easy.

These automated device communications bring ease to your everyday routines, without you lifting so much as a finger, making you the pilot of your life. Now with Bluedot and Creston, there shall be ease and accessibility everywhere. Conserve energy by safely connecting your home appliances and monitoring the heating devices to prevent energy expenditures from breaking your banks.

Crestron- Elegance with Ease

Just a tap to all there is to control, your fingertips are empowered to take charge. All day-Everyday, things motion your way, that’s how Creston home automation systems have been crafted by designers and approved by our experts at Powerhouse Express. We, the Powerhouse Express, proudly partner with Creston to bring you a step closer to innovation and technology each day.

The world’s most prominent home automation solutions facilitator, Creston is, simply, the best in class and quality garnering a plethora of options for making your house infinitely smart and easy to operate.

For further information, contact one of our experts to debrief you about the wonders of smart home automation.

Motion Sensors and Wired Automation 

A critical addition in the automation solutions family, Motion Sensors are smart and internally powered by energy efficient automated wiring systems to deliver quick and real-time results- sensing even a toe movement. Now with pre-installed bug guards.

The Brand for you

It all comes down to your personal aspirations and automation objectives, either you want a full-fledged automation system facilitating all your electrical operations; or Creston. Or more of a humble set or smart solutions complimenting smart switches, sockets, locks, and accessories; Bluedot.

Bluedot Mobile App

The Bluedot Mobile App, developed with precision, gives real-time views of cameras and validates the state of door locks and alarms while ensuring the right placement for these locks and alarms whether on doors or garage gates.

These intelligent AI-powered light switches complement lighting as they’re designed to cater to contemporary electrical needs. These needs are easily prompted by Bluedot App, connecting with the light switches, thereon, information is transmitted to the lights and they go, Bling!

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