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Power Against Pests – Electric Insect Killer and Electric Mosquito Killer Price in Pakistan

Are you tired of those annoying buzzing sounds in your ears, and constantly swatting at flying insects in your home? Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to serene evenings with the powerful electric insect killers and electric mosquito killers online.

Imagine a device so potent, yet so quiet, that it silently zaps those annoying critters out of your life. That's Riva electric mosquito killer for you!

This nifty device gives the power in your hands to get rid of irritating insects, with you doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. Just install the electric mosquito killer as prescribed, and you’re good to go!

What Types of Insect Killers Are Available At Powerhouse Express?

Powerhouse Express upholds its promise to deliver quality. Every insect killer available on the website is a non-toxic, chemical-free solution that's safe for your family and pets. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn't contribute to pesticide pollution in any manner.

Currently, our collection of insect killers includes:

Electric Mosquito Killer:

Riva’s indoor electric insect killers are effective and energy-efficient devices, perfect for killing mosquitos and other flying insects.

The insect killer machine includes an anti-rust body, is easy to clean, and comes equipped with electric tubes of 10 watts or 20 watts each.

Outdoor Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp:

The outdoor electric mosquito killer lamp is the perfect insect-killing machine that isn’t only functional but adds to the aesthetics of the space.

Apart from affordable mosquito killer lamp prices in Pakistan, the body of our outdoor collection is made from anti-rust material and is available in numerous options including electric insect killers of 16 watts and 23 watts.


First in line is Riva, a name synonymous with high-quality electric insect killers. Riva stands a cut above the rest with its potent technology, attracting and zapping insects effortlessly.

The silent operation ensures your peace isn't disturbed, while its eco-friendly approach means no harmful toxins in your home. Riva's build quality and longevity further seal its spot as a top choice for consumers.

Cri Cri

Cri Cri is another name that has held its ground in keeping insects at bay. Cri cri electric mosquito killer offers decent performance, at a fair price. Needless to say, it is a balanced package that offers quality similar to its price.


WestPoint Mosquito Killer Machine delivers decent performance, user experience, and reliability. It is a decent purchase 

The choice is clear: if you're seeking the best electric insect killer in Pakistan, Riva leads the pack. It's a perfect blend of efficacy, sustainability, and durability, making it a smart investment for your home.

Buy Mosquito Killers online at the best price in Pakistan. Get genuine Insect killers from different brands Riva, Westpoint, Sogo, and many brands at the lowest price in Pakistan.

Explore and get the latest Electric Mosquito Killers at a discounted price in Pakistan with a cash-on-delivery service available throughout the country.

We provide the best Insect Killer at official prices from distributors and dealers in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mosquito Killer

Which electric mosquito killer is best in Pakistan?

Riva electric mosquito killer is amongst the
most popular and trusted brands in Pakistan for killing mosquitos and insects.


What is the price of mosquito trap lamp in Pakistan?

From Rs 8500 to Rs 11,500, the price of a
mosquito trap lamp can vary based on the quality, brand, and experience.


mosquito UV light harmful?

No. There is no worldwide study that suggests
that UV light used in insect killers or electric mosquito killers is harmful.


Can you
leave a mosquito lamp overnight?

Yes. The best way to keep your environment
pest-free is to have mosquito killer lamp run 24/7.


Does mosquito killer lamp work?

Yes. Electric mosquito killer lamps are
amongst the most convenient and effective ways to kill mosquitos and other


Are electric insect killers safe?

Yes, if used correctly. Electric insect
killers are to be installed at heights above the reach of children, and the
electric rods aren’t to be touched directly when active.


Are Electric insect
killers better than insecticide sprays?

Yes, since they do not contribute to air
pollution, leave residue, or pose risk of allergic reactions. Electric insect
killers are generally eco-friendly and effective.

Top Selling Mosquito Killer Price List in Pakistan

Latest Models Price
Mosquito Killer 2 x 10W Tube Rs.8,080.00
Mosquito Killer 2 x 20W Tube Rs.9,980.00

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