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Best Indoor and Outdoor Lighting in Pakistan

The bane of life and luxury, the center of our Universe, the elemental source of all that exists within us; Lighting. Lighting is an undisputed reality and a common desire.

Let’s take a trip down to the lighting lane and see what there is that can brighten up our world.

First comes our Batten Light; lavish and luminous; perfect for interior home and office lighting and mostly popular for its cutting-edge design, energy efficient output, and ease of usage. Powerhouse Express brings to you, a unique and modern collection of batten lights best used in bedrooms, study rooms, board rooms, and offices.

Our Brands

Pierlite and Coarts are our top brands that bring you the most amazing lighting solutions that enable users to keep their rooms lit even when the power goes out through a sophisticated collection of rechargeable emergency lights. You can also elevate the aesthetics of your place through our LED Lamp, Classico Downlight, and other lighting options.  

Aside from feeding up all your Electrical needs, Powerhouse Express offers fantastic discounts and savings on numerous lighting choices. From indoor, outdoor, bathroom, and vanity to multi-purpose lights, shop a wide variety of lights and luminaries, whether you’re upgrading your workplace or beautifying the features of your house. Powerhouse Express has always proven to be the best choice for consumers when it comes to quality and style, so get the best Fancy Lights in Pakistan by Powerhouse Express! 

Powerhouse Express also offers a range of other lighting solutions, including ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they are a trusted name in the lighting industry and a go-to source for anyone looking for beautiful and functional lighting solutions.

Indoor Lights in Pakistan

Indoor Lights are most important when it comes to lighting. They come in a variety of styles and are designed to blend in with your interior and enhance the overall aesthetics of your homes as well as your workplaces. Powerhouse Express offers a vast range of Indoor Lights in Pakistan that will give your rooms that oomph and visual appeal you like.

Outdoor Lights in Pakistan

From lampposts to ground lights, wall lights, and flood lights, Powerhouse Express facilitates its customers with the best and most relevant lighting solutions catering to all outdoor lighting requirements; giving a magical touch to your outdoor areas.

Wall Lights in Pakistan

With the Powerhouse Express’s Wall Lights, you can make your wall the hero of your casa. These lights are unique, stylish, and energy-efficient, crafted with precision to beautify and elevate the status of your walls.

These Wall Lights include adjustable wall-mounted lights and double-headed wall lights beside other artistic lighting creations. Our state-of-the-art lighting creations deliver the best experience and completely transform your walls from plain to luxurious.

Commercial Lighting in Pakistan

 Lighting is most useful for Commercial Operations and at Powerhouse Express we ensure that these operations are duly supported by our uniquely designed light fixtures-fully capable of illuminating vast areas while consuming less energy.

Pierlite and Coarts, being Pakistan’s best-selling lights, are, carefully, crafted to suit individual customer needs and are reasonably priced.

One stop shop for all your Lighting needs!

If you want an instant solution to your lighting problems then you’ve landed at the right place as Powerhouse Express brings the best lighting solutions in Pakistan to your offices and homes. We garner a vast collection of outdoor, indoor, bathroom, vanity, bedroom, garden, and solar lights.

Pierlite and Coarts possess a relatively high lumen count as opposed to the regular lights available in the market. The lumen count indicates the brightness of the light. So, with our lights, you get a bright and brilliant output enhancing the visual environment of your homes and workplaces. Shop now and get your hands on the best lighting creations now available in Pakistan.

Residential Lighting in Pakistan

Whether you need to illuminate your bathroom with vanity lights, your kitchens with pendants, or your lounges with recessed, track, or neon lights; we have everything to befit your needs. For both Home & Commercial Lighting projects, we provide the highest quality solutions for you to pick from.

Shop from Powerhouse Express and grab the high-quality and ideal lighting creations for your homes and workplaces. Here, you will receive expert advice from our designers and interior decorators to advise the best possible solutions to all your lighting wants.

Coarts LED Slim Square Downlight is an ideal solution for a wide range of lighting applications in commercial and industrial settings, providing excellent light quality and efficiency.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has become the need of the era. Nearly, every piece of technology is gradually joining the smart race. Pierlite Lighting Solutions, one of Pakistan’s best lighting solutions brands has developed a vast portfolio encompassing energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting options that produce outstanding effects and have outsmarted conventional fluorescent and HID lights.

Pierlite is specifically designed to complement the ever-expanding range of light sources with an innovative series of luminaries garnering domestic, industrial, commercial, and architectural markets with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps to a diverse range of Halogen, Linear Fluorescent, and LED Lighting Creations.

Powerhouse Express takes pride in bringing a handsome collection of Smart Lighting in Pakistan. Our Smart Lighting Systems allow you to manage and monitor your smart lights from anywhere around the world through the Bluedot Mobile App.

We, the Powerhouse Express, believe in and promote sustainability by constantly providing our customers with Sustainable Lighting Solutions. Our LED Smart Lights are specifically designed to save maximum energy and reduce electricity usage.

Lighting Designs

Coarts is your one and only solution for you, whether you need architecturally innovative post tops or bollard lights, sophisticated Tunnel Lights or roadway lights, energy efficient T5 fluorescent luminaires, professional stadium floodlighting, and commercial products, technically advanced emergency lighting systems robust weatherproof fluorescent lighting, bulkheads, or innovative downlight creations.

The Square Slim Professional Bright Down Light is the ideal addition to your ceiling if you wish to create an exemplary ambiance. For safe and consistent illumination in a professional environment, have Coarts in your office, retail, hospital, school, or other business indoor facility.

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