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Circuit Breakers Price in Pakistan Starting At Rs 630

Discover exceptional value with Powerhouseexpress, where our Circuit Breakers Price in Pakistan begins at just Rs 630. We're committed to providing quality circuit protection solutions that are both affordable and reliable.

Our diverse range caters to various needs, from residential safety to industrial power management, all at competitive prices. Whether you're looking for a basic Miniature Circuit Breaker for your home or a more complex Air Circuit Breaker for commercial use, our pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment!

At Powerhouseexpress, affordability doesn't mean a compromise on quality. Each circuit breaker in our collection is rigorously tested to meet stringent safety standards. Shop with us and equip your electrical systems with top-notch protection that suits your budget.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Circuit Breakers and Motor Starters

Powerhouseexpress is your trusted provider for an extensive array of Circuit Breakers and Motor Starters. Our selection caters to every industrial and residential need, ensuring your electrical systems operate with utmost safety and efficiency.

Air Circuit Breakers

Our Air Circuit Breakers are designed for high-current load protection and system isolation. They are robust, reliable, and perfect for industrial applications. Explore our ACB collection to find the best fit for heavy-duty operations.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Protect your electrical circuits from ground faults and leakage currents with our Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers. These are essential for any safety-conscious setup, providing peace of mind against potential electrical hazards. Visit our ELCB range for top-grade leakage protection.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

For smaller, more compact protection, our Miniature Circuit Breakers are ideal. These MCBs are perfect for residential and commercial use, offering protection against overload and short circuit. Check out our MCB selection for a variety of amperage ratings.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

We also offer robust Molded Case Circuit Breakers, or MCCBs, suitable for a wide range of voltages and currents. These breakers are adaptable and built to last. Find your MCCB solution in our MCCB inventory.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Our Residual Current Circuit Breakers with overcurrent protection (RCCBs) are a must-have for any electrical installation, ensuring additional protection by detecting and preventing electric shock risks. For these critical safety components, view our RCCB assortment.

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

For motors that require reliable protection, our Motor Protection Circuit Breakers are engineered to prevent motor burnout and electrical faults. They are a safeguard for valuable motor equipment. Discover the right one for your motors in our MPCB catalog.

Manual Motor Starters

And for manual control and protection of motors, our Manual Motor Starters are versatile and easy to use, providing both protection and manual on/off switching functionality. Browse our range of manual starters here.

Ensuring Safety with Advanced Circuit Protection

Powerhouseexpress prioritizes your safety with advanced 400v Circuit Breakers. Designed for high-capacity protection, they shield against power surges in demanding environments. Our Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCCB options are essential for preventing electrical shocks, instantly breaking the circuit at any sign of a fault.

Professionals seeking robust performance will appreciate our ABB Sace Tmax T5n 400 Circuit Breaker. Renowned for its reliability, this breaker is a staple in high-performance electrical protection.

Every circuit breaker we offer, from the precise RCCB to the durable ABB Circuit Breaker, undergoes stringent quality checks. With Powerhouseexpress, you're choosing a partner committed to ensuring your electrical installations are equipped with the best defense against electrical faults.

Circuit Breakers Ranging From 2A To 100A

Powerhouseexpress caters to a wide array of electrical needs with our versatile range of Circuit Breakers, available from 2A to 100A. This broad spectrum ensures that whether you need a low ampere breaker for minor applications or a higher capacity for more demanding setups, we have you covered.

Our 2A circuit breakers are perfect for low-power applications, providing precise protection without unnecessary bulk. As you move up the range, each breaker is designed to handle progressively higher loads, suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

At the higher end, our 100A circuit breakers are built for robust performance, ideal for industrial applications or large commercial buildings where high power management is crucial.

With Powerhouseexpress, you have the flexibility to choose exactly the right amperage for your specific requirements, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency in your electrical systems.

Circuit Breaker Solutions for Every Application

Navigating the Different Types of Circuit Breakers can be daunting, but Powerhouseexpress makes it simple. We offer an extensive variety to match every application, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your electrical system's needs. Our range includes options for both residential and commercial setups at competitive Circuit Breaker Prices in Pakistan.

Whether you require a standard Miniature Circuit Breaker for your home or a more robust MCCB for industrial use, our selection is comprehensive. We understand that the right circuit breaker not only prevents electrical mishaps but also extends the longevity of your electrical appliances and systems.

At Powerhouseexpress, affordability meets quality. Get the best Circuit Breaker Price in Pakistan without compromising on safety and efficiency. Trust us to provide you with reliable circuit protection solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Optimize Your Power with High-Performance Circuit Breakers

Optimizing your power system is easy with Powerhouseexpress's high-performance Circuit Breakers. Our Air Circuit Breakers are designed for maximum safety and efficiency in high-power environments, while our MCCB Circuit Breakers offer reliable protection across a range of applications.

Compact and efficient, our Miniature Circuit Breakers are perfect for safeguarding residential and commercial electrical systems against overload and short circuits. They're easy to install and offer immediate protection, ensuring your power system is optimized for both safety and performance.

At Powerhouseexpress, we help you select the ideal circuit breaker that meets your power system's needs. Quality and reliability come standard with every product, ensuring your installations operate flawlessly and efficiently.

Innovative Circuit Breaker Technology for Modern Demands

At Powerhouseexpress, we embrace innovation with our cutting-edge Circuit Breaker technology to meet modern electrical demands. Our VCB Circuit Breakers are designed for medium to high voltage applications, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

For residential and smaller commercial setups, our MCB Circuit Breakers provide the necessary protection with quick response to electrical faults. They are an ideal choice for modern electrical infrastructures that require both safety and efficiency.

Furthermore, our GE Circuit Breaker Catalog offers a range of solutions that incorporate the latest in circuit protection technology. Whether you're upgrading an old system or installing new electrical infrastructure, Powerhouseexpress has the innovative products to keep you ahead of the curve in electrical safety and technology.

Your Guide to Circuit Breaker Prices and Selection in Pakistan

Finding the right circuit protection at the right price is crucial. Powerhouseexpress is dedicated to offering the best Circuit Breaker Price in Pakistan, starting at only Rs 630. Whether you need a 63 Amp Circuit Breaker for robust protection or a cost-effective solution for your home, we have the pricing and selection to match.

Our pricing strategy ensures that you have access to a range of circuit breakers, from the economical to the high-end, without compromising on safety or quality. The Circuit Breaker Prices are transparent, and we strive to offer value in every purchase.