Electrical Sockets in Pakistan


At Powerhouse Express, our goal is to address your electrical needs and requirements with the utmost efficiency and care. To achieve this, we have assembled a team of experts who design and manufacture a wide range of home and industrial electrical products, including circuit breakers, contactor relays, and electrical sockets.

Our selection of electrical products includes Clipsal sockets, proximity sockets, presence sensors, and other types of plugs and sockets that can be used in homes. Our sockets are designed to be easy to install, feature a sleek design, and are power-efficient. They also offer simplified operability, a sturdy exterior, and a range of other features to meet your specific needs.


Smart Sockets for home in Pakistan


Powerhouse Express offers a line of modular switches and sockets that are both unique and contemporary, and meet all home automation standards. These products come in a variety of styles to complement any environment, and are designed to protect your electrical outlets from the elements. To achieve this, we offer a range of low-cost switch covers that are ideal for keeping dust, dirt, and moisture out of electrical outlets. These switch covers are popular among contractors, electricians, and homeowners alike.