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  • How do I submit a RFQ?

    A Bulk Query involves the buyer initiating a purchase request to solicit quotations from Powerhouse Express. By completing a purchase request, you provide comprehensive details about the desired product. Subsequently, our team of experts will procure the specified products on your behalf. Opting for Powerhouse Express can significantly streamline the process in contrast to manually searching for your items. Make sure to complete the necessary fields on the Bulk Order page, and our team will reach out to you at the appropriate juncture.

  • What kind of Bulk Order Query will not be accepted?

    1) Unverified email address & phone number submissions: Prior to submitting a buying request, ensure the buyer's email address has been authenticated. 2) Insufficient essential details: Vital information must be present—product name in the subject line and comprehensive product particulars in the body, encompassing dimensions, hues, type, and other specifications, with enhanced elaboration being advantageous. 3) Prohibited or limited items (comprising trademarked/branded merchandise): It is highly recommended to reach out to the proprietor or authorized distributor of trademarked/branded items for procurement purposes. 4) Repetitive Buying Requests for identical products. 5) Low order quantity: Greater Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are usually favored. Note that MOQs fluctuate based on the product category.

  • Why can’t I submit a Bulk Query?

    1) There could be unfilled blanks remaining. Kindly review and complete all the necessary fields with product information. 2) There could be an issue with the browser. Consider utilizing a different browser or clearing your cache and cookies before attempting again.

  • When will I receive a quote for my Bulk Query?

    Once your inquiry is submitted, our team of executives will promptly begin working towards offering you the most optimal quote. Upon receiving the buyer's request, our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to gain a deeper comprehension of your needs. Once the details are solidified, we will furnish you with the most competitive quote within 48 hours. After finalizing the payment terms, your products will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 to 10 days.