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The Electric Switch Range – Power Control at Your Fingertips

In the realm of power control, electric switches hold a paramount role. They act as silent custodians, channeling energy, illuminating spaces, and empowering devices. PowerHouseExpress recognizes this significance, fostering a diverse range of offerings crafted for every unique need.

Our 12v switches, known for their reliability in low voltage scenarios, work exceptionally well for garden lighting or controlling LED strip lights. If you wish to curate a harmonious ambiance, then our 24v dimmer switches might catch your interest. They allow you to fine-tune the intensity of light, bestowing upon you the ability to mold your environment according to your mood or event.

Our collection also houses specialized items like switch cases and breaker switches. The robust cases provide an added layer of protection to our offerings, enhancing their lifespan, while the breaker switches offer an extra level of safety, safeguarding your appliances against electrical surges.

Additionally, we also cater to those seeking ease in managing multiple devices. Check out our 3-way plug adapter with a switch and 3-way selector switch symbol, designed to give you control over several devices from one location.

At PowerHouseExpress, we celebrate the power of choice and control. Navigate through our range and discover solutions that resonate with your lifestyle.


Top Switches and Sockets Brands in Pakistan: Quality Meets Affordability


In the quest for quality and affordability in switches and sockets, PowerHouseExpress partners with top brands to ensure you get the best. Here are a few esteemed brands we proudly host:

Clipsal Switches

Famous for its robust designs, Clipsal strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style. Clipsal switches and sockets seamlessly blend with various interior designs while ensuring long-lasting performance.


Pieno is celebrated for its sleek and chic design ethos. The brand's offerings offer an elegant touch to your spaces, coupled with unparalleled functionality.


Vivace, a brand known for its minimalistic approach, crafts switches and sockets that are visually appealing yet easy to use, making it a favorite among modern homeowners.


Himel is synonymous with reliability. Himel’s switches and sockets are designed for durability and are an excellent choice for those who prioritize long-term performance.

E Series

The E Series range offers innovative designs in switches and sockets. If you’re looking for modern, feature-rich solutions for your spaces, the E Series is a great place to start.

Shop at PowerHouseExpress, where quality meets affordability, and elevate your spaces with top brands in Pakistan.


Discover the Broad Range of Electric Switches in Pakistan

Navigating diverse offerings from the top brands can be overwhelming, but not with PowerHouseExpress. We offer a broad collection at the best electric switch prices in Pakistan, ensuring that you get authentic products from the best brands in the world at the most reasonable prices.

Our collection includes highly practical multi-way switches, such as the 3 gang switch and 4 gang socket, designed to provide control over multiple appliances from a single point. These cater to the needs of large households and offices, where efficiency and convenience are key.

For those seeking more specific solutions, we offer the 16 amp 2-way switch and the 4 gang 1-way switch. These are perfect for situations where direct control over individual appliances is required.

The 3-switch connection is another innovative offering for those who seek control over a single device from multiple locations. Ideal for larger rooms or open areas, this feature can revolutionize how you manage your lighting or appliances.

At PowerHouseExpress, we believe that quality electric solutions should be accessible to all. That's why we ensure that our switch price in Pakistan is competitive, providing you with top-notch technology without breaking your budget.

Explore our broad range and discover the power of efficient electricity control today with PowerHouseExpress!

The PowerHouseExpress Price Promise

At PowerHouseExpress, we believe in the power of connection through quality. Our wide array caters to a variety of needs and budgets, ensuring everyone can experience the convenience of modern technology.

The lowest switch price in Pakistan is Rs 250. These basic switch sockets and on-off switches offer superb value. They exemplify our commitment to providing high performance at an affordable price point, without any compromise on quality.

For those seeking more sophisticated solutions, we offer advanced features. The highest switch price in Pakistan is Rs 2,600, these include the 24v dimmer switch and the 4 gang one-way switch. These represent the pinnacle of quality, merging cutting-edge functionality with an elegant design.

No matter if you're looking for a simple 12v switch or any other product, PowerHouseExpress delivers quality in every product. Experience our price promise today!