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Best Electrical Accessories in Pakistan

Ever wondered what our world would be like if there were no electricity nor electrical items to ease our lives? Of course, who would want to imagine such a life? That is why, Powerhouse Express has stepped forward to bring you a One Stop Electrical Solution to all your accessorial needs.

We garner a vast collection of electrical accessories that we have so carefully curated to ensure that you never have to worry about the product’s quality and finesse. Our collection includes Doorbells, Pop-up Sockets, Tripods, Headphones, Mosquito Killers, Motion Sensors, Isolators, Fans, Plugs and Trailing Sockets.

Khind Wall Fans

Khind Wall Fans are highly durable and can easily fit in any office, factory, warehouse, cabin, or even homes. The size of the Wall Fan you select will depend on your room size and the number of fans you choose to install. During the summer, the Khind Stand Fan delivers energy-efficient, widened air circulation and cooling respite from hot and stale air.

Riva Tripod

Riva Tripod allows you to capture pictures despite the challenging lighting conditions between the dark and light areas of the scene. Without a tripod, your camera will reduce the shutter speed and increase the ISO to compensate for the lack of light. Moreover, it will keep the camera steady, helping you get an exciting assortment of sharp, immobile objects. So what are you waiting for? Buy the latest Tripod here.

Riva Portable Sockets

Riva's Portable Sockets are designed to shield you from the danger posed by a direct wire connection. It’s great for a wide range of electronics due to its high power and current capacities (up to 2500W and 10A, respectively). Riva Extensions are made from ABS plastic with a surge protector that protects any type of your equipment from any voltage spikes. It is the safest device to charge your electronics even when you’re traveling overseas.

Riva Mosquito Killer:

Riva Mosquito Killer is an efficiently designed device to repel virus-breeding mosquitoes. It helps you to protect yourself from mosquitoes that spread malaria and other diseases, including dengue and yellow fever. It complies with IPX4 waterproof standards and emits high-pitched sounds, usually inaudible to the human ear. We have it at the most affordable price in Pakistan. Order today and have it delivered to your homes.

Doorbells for Home

Powerhouse Express is your one-stop electrical shop for the greatest , video doorbells, wireless door entry systems, and all other door entrance access solutions, featuring Doorbell Models and entry systems from major electrical companies like Khind and Riva.

Powerhouse Express doesn’t simply sell high quality classic doorbell like our white and black button-push plastic doorbells and brushed nickel doorbells. Powerhouse Express also has the most up-to-date wireless door entry systems, sure to make any smart home security installation stand out.

The cutting-edge wireless door entry systems available from Powerhouse Express will set apart any home automation  security setup. Other than our brushed nickel and white, black plastic button-push doorbells, Powerhouse Express also carries a variety of classic doorbell styles.

Office Entry System Doorbells

We offer intelligent doorbells, video monitor doorbells for the contemporary corporate setting, and wired and wireless doorbells that can be installed and linked to your company entry system.

We carry doorbells and related products from leading brands, including Riva Home Alarm Systems, Ring Doorbell, Honeywell Lovewell, and more. Call Powerhouse Express if you need help deciding on a doorbell or wireless door entry system for your home, smart home, or commercial building. We’re happy to walk you through our doorbell options so you can find a suitable access system for your home.

Fancy Doorbells

Powerhouse has access control systems for the workplace or business and doorbells for the house. There are video doorbells, wireless, and smart doorbells to choose from. Access control security systems are helpful for controlling employee access in flats, workplaces, and commercial buildings. It controls which users and processes are allowed access to which data and services. As a result, it minimizes the potential risks that can occur in your business.

Pop-up Sockets for Kitchen

High-quality materials are used to create this kitchen popup socket, which is both robust and useful. This socket is constructed of ABS plastic and metal, and it has a long service life. This socket is a brand-new, cutting-edge device for the home and business.

In Homes, Kitchens and Hotels, and travel, the socket is commonly utilized. Shop with confidence the latest goods from Riva on Powerhouse Express and have a great buying experience!

Buy Pop-up Plug Sockets

Smart Plugs are a low-cost way to turn your regular appliance into a smart one. Any appliance that plugs into a conventional wall socket may be turned on and off using smart plugs controlled by the Bluedot. 

Simply insert your wireless smart plug into any available socket, then plug in your desired appliance and control it with your phone.

You may use a smart plug to not only turn on and off any appliance but also to establish a timer or schedule it and monitor the consumption of energy use.

Powerhouse Express is a Pakistani e-marketplace, proud to sell one-of-a-kind, high-quality goods. Our customers can feel secure in their purchase, knowing that every product comes with a guarantee.